Sinomag Global
Sinomag have become one of the mainstream suppliers of many well-known motor manufacturers and power supply manufacturers in the world.

5production bases

5sales centers

  • Anhui
  • Shanghai
  • Osaka
  • Ho Chi Minh
  • Frankfurt
  • San Luis Potosi
Sinomag Technology Co., Ltd.

Address: Guohe Town Industrial Zone, Lujiang , Hefei, Anhui , China

Anhui Jinzhai General Magnetic Industry Co., Ltd.

Address: No. 152, Jiangmei Road, Jinzhai , Anhui, China

Anhui Sinomag Precision Components Co., Ltd.

Address: Tangchi Industrial Zone, Lujiang , Anhui, China

Anhui Sinomag Metal Technology Co., Ltd.

Address: Mazongling Road, Jinzhai Modern Industrial Park, Lu'an , Anhui, China

Shanghai Sinomag Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

Address: No.7385 Zhu Lu Highway, Lvxiang Town, Jinshan District, Shanghai, China

Sinomag Technology (Vietnam) Co., Ltd.

Address: Longjiang Industrial Park, Xinli Community 1, Xinfu County, Qianjiang Province, Vietnam